A Business, Health,
Wills, Trusts and
Estate Law Practice

Our Practice Areas

Business Law is our primary focus with Healthcare Law becoming a thriving practice area.

Business Law

From startups and contracts to business guidance and advisors, our client rely on us for all manners of business law and advice.

Health Law

All healthcare providers are subject to rigorous and complex compliance requirements. Having the right advisors is essential in the healthcare landscape.

Business Advisory
And Startup Support

The business of business often demands someone with an outside objective opinion based on experience to provide guidance in decision-making. Startups require considerable legal work and advice to ensure your venture is protected, and compliant before you even launch.

Wills, Trusts and Estates

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Beyond Legal, Our Clients Look To Us For Business Advice.

We offer clients creative, competent, and compliant solutions to business and legal issues. We provide a broad spectrum of services to corporate clients, individuals, and non-profit organizations.

Our team is entrepreneurial and experienced in business and law. This gives us an advantage over traditional law firms with little to no hands-on business experience. We strive to craft solutions that are not only compliant, but also practical. We know business. We do business. And we will help you with your business.

Examples Of Our Work

These are examples of what we do and how we solve problems of all types for our clients. We would welcome the opportunity to do the same for your organization.

Regulatory Compliance

Helping chart a proper legal path

Dispute Resolution

Resolved through amicable negotiation

Contracts And Transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Committed To Helping You Be Successful.

No matter what your legal situation, chances are we can effectively identify solutions and provide the services you require for the outcome you expect. 

We help Entrepreneurs

We are Entrepreneurs

Our clients cross over multiple industries

We care about your business

Our Team Members

Experience, quality, attention to detail and perseverance is what you look for in a lawyer. So do we. We hand-select associates to go above and beyond “regular” and strive for extraordinary.

Roger C. Samek


Yuliya Flynn


Daniel Samek


Tarrell D. Calloway


Roxanna Jack


Terri Wilson

Office Manager

Maggie Burke


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